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This is my Associateship portfolio for PSNZ (The Photographic Society of New Zealand). I was delighted and honoured that this set of images was accepted.

The process I went through putting these images together was long and at times arduous, and the original concept bears little relationship to the finished result. I was attempting to present something unique, and tried to lay the images out in a way that was accentuated by being a set of 12 - in this case by using a strong symmetry between the images.


Varying the aspect ratios within the set was done to help accentuate this symmetry and provide variety in the layout. This was particularly tricky as the prints are displayed on three rows (i.e. bottom-edge common), so the horizons on the middle row had to sit appropriately when presented, rather than as I viewed them on-screen. To help with this I created a 'matted' layout in photoshop first, so I could get the closest impression of how it would be presented, before I went to the expense of printing.

The images were then printed onto Ilford Mono Silk paper for rich, deep blacks

Several of these images can be viewed individually in my mono gallery

APSNZ Set.jpg
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