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Lunar Landscape

Back from a really fantastic one-night trip up near Ashburton Lakes and was blessed with a decent dump of snow overnight - it made for a pretty drab sunset, but sunrise was incredible - there was cool patches of light going off all over the place, I honestly had no idea which direction I should point my camera!

After most of the exciting action had happened, I looked across to see the moon about to set and ended up with this - probably my favourite image of the morning. Nothing technically amazing about this - it was shot on my 70-300 wound right out to 300mm, converted to black-and-white in photoshop (I find that LR does some weird stuff using the B+W convert compared to how cleanly photoshop does it,) then some minor brightness adjustments to bring out the moon and that's it - see below for a processing image:


With a little assistance from a friend (I blagged the use of his printer!) I put this down on some german etching textured fine art paper and I find it really pops out of the page!

Anyway, hope you like it as much as me :)

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