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Farewell to 2019.. bring on 2020!

Well, 2019 was a pretty eventful year for me with the start of the workshop series initiative I have been creating with the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ). The series comprises 6 workshops around New Zealand with some supremely talented photographers, specifically for PSNZ members. It's been incredibly hard graft at times to get everything arranged, whilst also making plans for this year... so much so that it feels at times like I haven't had time for my own photography - know the feeling?

So this post is really an excuse to look back at images from 2019, for me to take a deep breath and enjoy the moments captured, remember the feeling, the people and places. Chronological order - I can't pick a favourite!

1. Marlborough recessions - January

2. Sunset over the sounds - January

Taken from the same location and only an hour or so later than Marlborough recessions, above. The summit view from Mt Stokes in the Marlborough Sounds

3. Burnett Mountain Storm - January

After an insanely long day's tramp up the Hooker valley, back out and up to the Mueller hut, then a hasty retreat before the weather closed in... good job summer days are long!

4. Ryde Falls - February

A great day with friends, close to home. And here was me thinking winter was landscape season?

5. Butcher's Dam, Central Otago, April

Taking our recently-converted 2001 Merc ambulance out for his first proper test run. What could be better than a glass of wine on the lakeshore as the sun goes down on the golden leaves of autumn trees?

6. Lake Brunner - June

After a somewhat epic day (not in a good way!), Peaceful reflection and the opportunity to try and put things back into perspective

7. The Sisters, Tongaporutu - July

A really fantastic few days around the Cenral Plateau and over to New Plymouth for an Astrophotography workshop. A beautiful, crowdless sunset. Fish and chips on the beach

8. Tekapo tranquility - July

A bit of space and calm amongst the cameraderie of a winter landscape workshop. Chat, learn, play, then go find your own place and think

9. Key Summit - August

Several years of planning and you can still never fully control all the factors. There's a lot of backstory to this image and I won't bore you with it here..

10. Sunset, New Year's Eve, Kaitorete Spit - December

What better way to farewell the year than watching the sun go down over the coast with your camera in hand, sharing the moment with loved ones.

Good night 2019. I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store! Hope you like my pick of favourites. I can heartily recommend compiling your own - it's an eye-opener, looking back across your own photographic journey.


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