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St James Station

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I'm just home after a truly inspirational weekend away with Bruce Girdwood ( and a cohort of other entusiastic photographers from Christchurch Photographic Society. Whilst the general concept of the weekend was a landscape photography workshop, it's hard to stop yourself from getting distracted...

A visit to St James Station - a now-deserted high country station to the North of Hanmer Springs has so many fantastic photo opportunities it was hard to know where to start.. so I pulled out my macro lens and started playing.

The abandoned buildings and machinery, gradually rusting where they were left, have so many fascinating shapes, textures and colours that you just couldn't help get carried away with the camera.

But every now and then a pocket of light comes through that just grabs the attention, like the desolate isolation of Fowler's Hut.

Or a few brief moments of sun breaking through the clouds over Isolated Hill:

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