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New Growth

Spring is quite definitely here now and our garden is going nuts with new growth - all the ferns are busily unfurling new leaves, so it seemed like a great opportunity to dust off my macro lens and go play - this is becoming a bit of an annual event it seems!

I have kindly been offered the loan of a Laowa 15mm macro lens - probably the most bizarre thing I've tried to use. The shot above is with a standard 100mm canon macro lens at f/2.8, but I thought it would be interesting to compare the two - of course, the main difference is that to get a similar subject size with the Laowa, the camera is ~20mm away from the focus point, whereas with the 100mm it's probably 300-400mm away. Keeping the lens shadow out of the image was definitely a challenge - even a ring-flash wouldn't fully solve the issue as often the subject was inside the 77mm front thread.

Tracking down a subject with an interesting background is the next challenge, as this is where the wide angle will be really beneficial; I'm keen to put the lens' tilt-shift mechanism through it's paces too!

Anyway, here's the results so far:

#macro #koru #fern #laowa15mm

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