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Dorothy Falls

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

After an abortive trip to this beautiful cascade a few months ago - with water coming in all directions from the deluge of rain and the spray from the falls herself - This month I took the opportunity to pop back in more calm weather.

With a bit more time to explore the stream and falls I found this moss-covered rock at the side of the plunge pool, and I really enjoy the little hint of the underlying rock through the moss, linking with the large scalloped-out chute from the falls.

As with the majority of my waterfall images, this is a 3-image stitched panorama, shot with the canon 24mm tilt-shift. f/13, 1.6s, ISO100

And just for fun, here's another view, looking up the streambed. This is also a tilt-shift panorama, f/16 2.5s

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